Aluminum Mirror


● Copper and lead free, environment friendly

● High reflectivity with clear and vivid image

● Two layers of lead-free waterproof paints, perfect resistance to corrosion, enduring longer

● Competitive prices

● Various colors are vailable, like bronze, grey, blue, etc

● Safety backed mirror both CAT-I and CAT-II are available

Product Details

ALUMINUM MIRROR is a kind of functional glass, which is produced through triple processing work by cleaning, aluminum deposition, and two layers of waterproof paints on the surface of quality float glass. Using state-of-the-art technology called Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering technology.

This new fully automated process replaces the older vacuum sealed chambers. The new process enhances the internal properties and brings the quality to a level that is extremely close to silver mirror, but with much lower prices than silver mirror.


Type:Clear Aluminum Mirror\Ultra Clear Aluminum Mirror\Tinted Aluminum Mirror (Euro Bronze\Golden Bronze\Euro Grey\Pink)

Back Paint coating  :

Standard surface color : Grey and Green,other colors can be customized.

Standard paint coating : double layers paint coating (bottom paint +surface paint)

Single paint coating (only surface paint coating) can be another option.

Thickness:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Standard Size:1220mm*1830mm; 1600mm*2200mm; 1500mm*2000mm; 1524mm*2134mm; 1830mm*2440mm;  2134mm*3300mm; 2250mm*3300mm; 2440mm*3660mm, etc.

Other sizes can be customized.


Applications: Aluminum mirrors can be used to make bathroom mirrors, cosmetic mirrors, full-length mirrors, craft mirrors, decoration, etc.

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