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1. About Structure Glass Solutions:

Qingdao Haisen Glass Co., Ltd. is committed to providing consumers with structural glass installation solutions, including glass guardrail projects and glass curtain wall projects. According to the transparent characteristics of glass, the building looks more beautiful and integral through the comprehensive use of glass for partition and decoration outside and inside the building.

2. Characteristics of Structural Glass Project:

✔ Glass Guardrail Project. We provide interior glass guardrail project for shopping malls and office buildings. We produce 4+4mm, 5+5mm and 6+6mm tempered laminated glass with PVB film for glass guardrails to increase the visual permeability inside the building.

✔ Glass Curtain Wall Project. We provide external curtain wall glass project for modern buildings. We produce tempered glass and laminated glass for building exterior walls, which have good functions of heat insulation and noise reduction.

✔ High Quality Deep-Processing Glass. We produce and provide safety glass such as tempered glass, laminated glass and tempered laminated glass for structural glass projects.

✔ Customized Service. We provide customized size, thickness, punching and grinding services according to customers' needs.

3. Scope of Application

✔ Applied to the external glass curtain wall of large commercial buildings and office buildings.

✔ Applied to the external glass curtain walls of large-scale exhibitions, conference centers, terminal buildings, stadiums and gymnasiums.

✔ Applied to museums, theaters, greenhouses and other entertainment and leisure buildings.

✔ Applied to interior glass decoration and glass guardrail in guild halls and clubs.

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