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    Tempered Glass Explosion-Proof and Cleaning Guide
    August 02, 2022 Tempered Glass Explosion-Proof and Cleaning Guide

    Maintenance and care tips for tempered glass 1 focus on protecting the corners of tempered glass Tempered glass partition middle part is more solid, the corners are weaker, the protection of the corners is particularly important. Bus windows on the glass mark the safety hammer smashing position on the corners of the glass, which is precisely the use of tempered glass this feature. 2 avoid letting tempered glass in a long-term pressure state Try not to place heavy objects on the surface of tempered glass for a long time to avoid pressure values reach a critical point leading to breakage. General tempered glass withstand pressure between 70mpa ~ 100mpa, this pressure multiplied by the force area of the glass is the maximum pressure it can withstand.