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1. About Architectural Glass Project:

Architectural glass is a kind of functional and decorative glass widely used in the exterior and interior of buildings. Architectural glass has the functions of meeting day-lighting, adjusting light, and thermal insulation. In addition, architectural glass also has the characteristics of safety and art.

2. Classification of Building Glass Solutions:

✔ Glass Doors and Windows Project. Our company provides customers with the overall door and window glass solution of architectural project. We can provide you with customized glass doors and windows of the required size according to your needs. And, in order to better adapt to your project, we can provide high-quality PVC aluminum alloy door frame supporting services..

✔ Tempered Glass Solutions. Tempered glass is a kind of high-strength safety glass. Using tempered glass as the exterior wall glass or glass window of a building can enhance the wind resistance and impact resistance of the building.

✔ Insulating Glass Solutions: Insulating glass is a double-layer glass containing desiccant. Different from ordinary double-layer glass, insulating glass can be filled with inert gas to adjust the temperature insulation performance and sound insulation effect of buildings. It is suitable for buildings in areas with high temperature requirements.

3. Scope of Application:

The building glass project is widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, daylighting ceilings, sightseeing elevator passages, furniture manufacturing, etc. The glass solution of glass doors and windows with PVC aluminum alloy frame is widely used in residential buildings, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other buildings.

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