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Tempered glass

Through high temperature (650℃, it starts to soften) and quenching, the glass internal molecular structure changes greatly, so the surface layer has uniform and strong compressive stress, and the interior has uniform and strong tensile stress, which increases the mechanical strength of the glass several times.

Semi-tempered glass  The processing of semi-tempered glass is similar to tempered glass. The heating temperature is about 650°C, which is lower than the heating temperature of tempered glass, and the cooling rate is also slower. Only the strength is lower than tempered glass, which is about twice that of ordinary glass. However, when broken, the fragments are larger, similar to annealed glass, and cannot be used as safety glass. The bending degree of semi-tempered glass is smaller than tempered glass, and its thermal stability is obviously better than annealed glass.



THICK . (mm)

MAX . SIZE(mm)



Flat tempered glass

4 ~ 19



Thick above 10mm maximum size can produce 2700*8400mm

Features :

Safety: When the glass is damaged by external force, the fragments will become small obtuse-angled particles similar to honeycombs,which are not easy to cause harm to the human body.
High strength: the impact strength of tempered glass is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the anti bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass.
Thermal stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability. can withstand a temperature of 3 times that of ordinary glass.and can withstand a temperature difference of 200'C.



Tempered glass belongs to safety glass and is widely used in places with high requirements on mechanical strength and safety. Such as: glass doors, building curtain walls, facade windows, indoor partitions, furniture, partitions near heat sources and places where the impact of cold and heat is more severe.

Semi-tempered glass has no self-explosion defects, and is widely used in glass curtain walls, conservatories, greenhouses, partition walls and decoration industries.

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