Laminated Glass


1. Holds together when shattered. The PVB inter-layer keeps the glass bonded, even when broken, resulting in a characteristic spider web cracking pattern across the glass.

2. Cyclone resistant.

3. Superior UV blockage.

4. Excellent sound damping properties.

5. Low visible distortion.

Product Details


Laminated glass is a composite glass product consisting of two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of PVB film sandwiched between them. After special high-temperature preloading (or vacuum pumping), high-temperature and high-pressure processing, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded into one.

The common laminated glass includes transparent laminated glass and colored laminated glass.

Transparent laminated glass is composed of transparent float glass and transparent PVB film. It is the most common safety glass.

There are two ways to make color laminated glass: one is composed of transparent glass and color film, and the other is composed of colored glass and transparent film. The first one is common, with rich colors, high decoration effect and high safety factor. It is commonly used indoors. The second kind has long service life and is not easy to fade. It can be used for the decoration of outdoor areas exposed to long-term sunlight.


Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass. The laminated glass may break under the impact of a heavy ball, but the whole glass still maintains an integral interlayer, and the fragments and sharp small fragments are still stuck with the intermediate film. This effectively prevents the occurrence of fragment stabbing and penetration falling events, and ensures personal safety.



Glass Colors

clear, extra clear,dark blue, euro bronze, euro gray, F-green, Ford blue

PVB Film

0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 1.9mm etc.

PVB Colors

clear, milky white, bronze, gray, red, orange, green, blue etc.

Maximum Size

2500*8000 mm

Standard Sizes

1830*1220mm, 1830*2440mm, 2140*3300mm, 2140*3660mm, 2250*3210mm, 2440*3660mm

Minimum Laminated  Thickness


Regular Thickness(mm)

2+0.38pvb+2, 3+0.38pvb+3, 4+0.38pvb+4 5+0.38pvb+5, 6+0.38pvb+6, 4+0.76pvb+4, 5+0.76pvb+5, 6+0.76pvb+6 etc

Multi-Layer Laminated

Customized to produce two-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer etc.  laminated glass.

Processing Options

cut to size; edge working; drilling holes; making grooves; tempering etc.


Sea worthy plywood end cap, spray mould proof powder or plastic film between two pieces of glass.


1. External use of glass walls, windows, doors, shop fronts.

2. Used in offices, houses and shops etc.

3. Used in interior glass screens, partitions, glass railings, glass fences and glass balustrade, etc.

4. Used in showcases, display shelves, shop display windows.

5. Used in furniture, table tops, glass covers, etc.

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