PVB Film in Laminated Glass

March 03, 2023

PVB film is a polymer material made of polyvinyl butyral resin, plasticized and extruded by plasticizer DHA. The normal thickness of PVB film is 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm and 1.52mm.

Features of PVB laminated glass

It has good safety to prevent the glass from breaking due to external force and the fragments splashing up to hurt people. In addition, it has sound insulation, UV protection, and can be made into colored or highly transparent.

1. Safety: PVB film has good bonding power, once the glass is impacted, the fragments will be firmly bonded to the film to prevent the fragments from falling and hurting the human body.

2. Anti-theft: Laminated glass has excellent anti-intrusion ability, greatly increasing the difficulty of entering the room through broken glass, in terms of resistance to violent intrusion.

3. UV resistance: PVB uses high-performance anti-UV additives, which can block more than 99% of UV rays, giving indoor furniture or personnel extra protection from fading and aging due to prolonged exposure to UV rays, while also reducing the risk of sunburn.

4. Heat insulation: infrared rays in the air will increase the indoor temperature, laminated glass can filter a large number of infrared rays, reducing the conduction of heat in the interior and exterior, which has a significant function in reducing the air-conditioning load in summer, thus reducing energy consumption and slowing down global warming.

5. Sound insulation: Laminated glass can effectively reduce the penetration of sound waves to glass, achieve good sound insulation, reduce outdoor noise transmission, make the indoor environment more quiet and comfortable.