What is plexiglass?

January 13, 2023

What is Plexiglas?

Plexiglass is a polymer transparent material, chemically called polymethyl methacrylate, which is a polymer compound made by polymerizing methyl methacrylate. It is a kind of important thermoplastic which is developed earlier. Plexiglass is divided into four kinds of colorless transparent, tinted transparent, pearlescent, embossed Plexiglass. Plexiglass is commonly known as acrylic, C.X. acrylic, Agglomeration, plexiglass has the advantages of better transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy processing, beautiful appearance. Plexiglass is also called gelatin glass, acrylic, etc. It has the advantages of high transparency, low price, easy mechanical processing, etc. It is a glass alternative material that is often used normally. Plexiglass is an important thermoplastic developed earlier, with transparency, stability and weather resisance, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, and has a wide range of applications in the construction industry. Plexiglass is widely used, not only in commerce, light industry, construction, chemical industry and other aspects. And plexiglass production, in advertising decoration, sand model is widely used, such as: signage, billboards, light box panels and Chinese and English letter panels. Material selection depends on the modeling design, what kind of modeling, with what kind of plexiglass, color, variety should be repeatedly tested to make it achieve the * best effect. With a good modeling design, but also rely on careful processing and production, in order to become a beautiful craft.

What are the characteristics of plexiglass?

1, High mechanical strength: 

The relative molecular mass of plexiglass is about 2 million, which is a long-chain polymer compound, and the chain forming the molecule is very soft, therefore, the strength of plexiglass is relatively high, and the ability to resist stretching and impact is 7-18 times higher than that of ordinary glass. There is a heating and stretching treatment of Plexiglas, in which the molecular chain segments are arranged in a very orderly manner, so that the material has a significant increase in toughness. With a nail into this plexiglass, even if the nail penetrated, the plexiglass does not produce cracks. This kind of plexiglass will not break into pieces after being pierced by bullets as well. Therefore, stretching treatment of plexiglass can be used as bullet-proof glass, but also used as the cockpit cover on military aircraft.

2, A high degree of transparency: 

Plexiglass is a polymer transparent material, light transmission rate of 92%, higher than the glass transmittance. Known as the artificial small sun of the sun lamp is made of quartz, this is because the quartz can completely transmit ultraviolet light. Ordinary glass can only transmit 0.6% of ultraviolet light, but plexiglass can transmit 73%. Divided transparent, translucent colorless, brittle, easy to break, used in interior doors and windows and other decorative, with both translucent but not translucent shape, usually used in indoor partitions or doors and windows separating the interior.

3, Light weight: 

The density of plexiglass is 1.18g/cm3, the same size of the material, its weight is only half of ordinary glass, metal aluminum (belonging to the light metal) 43%.

4, Easy to process: 

Plexiglass can not only use the lathe for cutting, drilling machine for drilling, and can be bonded with acetone, chloroform, etc. into a variety of shapes of apparatus, but also blow molding, injection, extrusion and other plastic molding methods into large aircraft cockpit cover, small to dentures and dental brackets and other products of all shapes and sizes, you can measure the size of the clear situation through laser cutting for processing, simple and high quality, this feature is Glass does not have.

5, Beautiful light transmittance: 

Plexiglass is mirror effect, exquisite technology, no wrinkles, no seams; visual effects of plexiglass: a variety of colors, visual impact is very strong. Light transmission rate can reach 96%, light transmission, light is relatively soft.

6, Strong and durable: 

The impact resistance of plexiglass is more than 200 times that of ordinary glass products, almost without any risk of fracture, the product has very good protection for the built-in light source, extending the life of the light source products. It can ensure long-lasting non-fading, good quality panels can be used for as long as 6-13 years, will not have spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing, light transmission is very good, relatively reduce the light source, save electricity and reduce the cost of use. Reasonable design and rain and moisture, open structure, easy to clean and repair, etc. Acrylic can withstand high and low temperatures in a variety of environments, consumers do not have to worry about the temperature in the production process.