What is marble grinding machine?

February 03, 2023

Marble grinding machine is one of the earliest and most used machinery and equipment in marble deep processing equipment. In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of the marble deep processing industry, the types and specifications of marble grinding machine are more and more, and the technology is more and more advanced, more and more comprehensive functions.

1. Edge grinding machine classification

Metal belt grinding machine, glass grinding machine (glasses grinding machine), stone grinding machine, etc., porcelain grinding machine

Metal belt grinding machine

Main function: for grinding and polishing processing of bilateral corners of metal coils and strips.

Applicable materials: stainless steel, copper strip, aluminum strip and other metal coils.

Equipment advantages: with the characteristics of coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing completed at one time, suitable for grinding bevels, straight edges of metal strips of different sizes and thicknesses, supporting equipped with grinding wheels and spare, the grinding wheel has the advantages of long life, forming rules and high efficiency.

Glass Grinding Machine

Main function: for glass edge grinding and polishing processing.

Main features: It can grind various round edges, straight edges, duckbill edges and other shaped edges, and is not restricted by the size of the glass appearance such as length, width and circle.

Advantages of the equipment: It integrates rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and chamfering in one process, adopts frequency converter to regulate the speed, with large adjustable range and smooth variable speed; the feed speed and feed amount can be adjusted arbitrarily during the grinding process. It also has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry and simple operation.

Stone grinding machine

Main function: used for grinding and polishing processing of marble, granite, etc. It can also be used for grinding and polishing processing of tombstones, stepping stones, etc.

Main features: The variable speed motor, motor seat plate, grinding disc, spindle and flexible rubber coupling are assembled together to form the grinding head, and the handrail, ring lever, guiding rod, guiding sleeve, counterweight and pivot hinge form a balanced lever type suspension system. The grinding head is mounted on the suspension system, which allows the grinding head to move up and down as a whole. A rubber coupling of special structure is used between the grinding disc and the spindle, and the cooling system is an annular water jacket.

Advantages of the equipment: The method of changing grinding discs can complete all operations of coarse grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding and polishing one after another.

Porcelain edge grinding machine

Main function: Used for grinding and chamfering tiles.

Main features: designed with four groups of grinding edge and one group of chamfering.

Equipment advantages: the machine has good processing effect, fast speed, high precision, no size head, and even more no wave and chipping and other defects. Tile processing plant equipment: 8-16 head circular arc polishing machine, tile cutting machine.

2. The difference between stone grinding and glass grinding

Difference of grinding method

  • Due to the stone after deep processing is mainly used for decorative engineering class, batch less specifications, flat type stone is currently part of the deep processing with semi-automatic machines, such as 15-30 cm width lines with horizontal line machine rough grinding, fine grinding polishing, most of the shape or rely on manual processing with portable grinding machine, such as cabinets, floating windows, foot lines, pedals, etc., the current market also began to use vertical stone grinding machine for processing. Improved efficiency and precision, reduce production costs, energy saving and environmental protection. Plate in addition to peripheral processing and surface processing.

  • Flat glass after deep processing is mainly used for home appliances, automobiles, solar energy, curtain wall engineering and other fields, glass products in large quantities with few specifications, such as shower glass, stove top glass, can be deep processed in large quantities, the main process is grinding, drilling, cleaning, silk-screening, tempering, etc., grinding edge all completed by the machine, a high degree of automation. Glass is mainly processed around.

Difference in processing shape

  • Stone deep processing shape is more complex, in addition to the normal flat bottom edge and rounded edges and a variety of shapes, the machine relies on molding wheel replacement to obtain, most of the manual grinding process, such as surface lines, semi-circular arc, stair treads, etc., processed out of the beautiful shape.

  • Flat glass processing to grind the edge of the main, simple shape, mainly flat bottom edge, rounded edge, duckbill edge.

The difference between edge grinder machine

  • Stone grinding machine ware horizontal line machine, horizontal grinding machine, vertical grinding machine, CNC processing center and portable grinding wheel machine, which vertical grinding machine more functional, can process a variety of shapes such as glass, for marble plate, vertical placement is not easy to break, processing reliability, installation, commissioning, maintenance is convenient, high efficiency. CNC processing center although can grind each various shapes of the edge, due to expensive equipment market is difficult to Accepted.

  • Glass grinding machine ware vertical and horizontal grinding machine, such as linear grinding machine, linear beveling machine, linear bilateral machine, shaped grinding machine, CNC CNC edge grinding machine, set rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and integration, commonly processed glass thickness 3-25mm, thickness of more than 25mm laminated glass processing machine to special custom, glass grinding machine for stone plate thickness less than 25mm can be processed.