Process:Figured glass is made by patterned rollers which roll over glass plates whilst they are still hot and moldable.It not only provides function of visual screen but also creates aesthetic senses of changing lights and shades.

pecification of Pattern Glass

Thickness: 3/4/5/5.5/6mm

Size: 1500*2000mm1650*2200mm/1830*2400mm/1830*2440mm

Color: Clear/Bronzed,Grey

Pattern: Mistlite, Morgon, Mascot, Bamboo, Flora, Chinchilla, Ancient, Roze, Karatachi, Millennium, Aqualite, Masterlite, May flower, Nashiji, Oceanic, Kasumi, Rain-B, Rain-S, Diamond, Wave,etc


Quality:Tempered Grade/Building grade