laminated glass is produced by laminating one or more layers of organic resin interlayer between two or more pieces of glass at high temperature and pressure.According to different types of interlayer,laminated glass can be made into products of different characteristics. its application should be correctly selected based on the Requirements.

PVB laminated glass has full absorption of ultraviolet and good noise-reduction ability. When glass broken, the broken pieces are still attached to the PVB as a whole without falling apart. thus its protective ability is exceptional and widely used for security.


safety: if laminated glass is damaged due to external force, the glass fragments will not be detached and maintain the integrity. it also avoid being penetrated. it can be processed into bullet-proof glass or high-strength explosion-proof glass through specific combinations sound resistance: PVB has the property of attenuating acoustic wave propagation. thus, laminated glass can effectively block sound transmisson and reduce noise Anti-uV performance: laminated glass has high uV blockage performance (up to 99% or more),it can prevent the aging & fading of indoor precious furniture, curtains, displays and other items.

Decorative: PVB has many colors. it gives rich decorative effects when used together with coating and ceramic frit.


Maximum size: 3200mm × 6000mm

thickness: 6-60mm.