Insulating glass (insulated glass) consists of two or more pieces of glass uniformly separated by dessicant filled aluminium spacer and the edge is sealed with high strength sealant. It is suitable for office buildings, exhibition rooms, libraries and other public facilities and special buildings that require constant temperature and humidity such as computer rooms, precision instrument workshops, and chemical factories. In addition, it can also be used for sun protection and anti-dazzling places.
Float insulated glass
Tempered insulated glass
Reflective insulated glass
LOW-E insulated glass
Can provide ordinary
single-cavity, three-glass and
two-cavity with special-shaped,
three-side-sized pieces of
hollow glass; we can produce
warm-edge striped hollow.
1.Heat Preservation: excellent thermal insulation, more effective to reduce heat loss in winter
2.Sound Resistance: provide good sound resistance up to 30 dB or more.
3.Prevent condensation: the insulating glass cavity is filled with dry air at a dew point lower than -40°C, so as to prevent
condensation due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.
4.Asethetic: insulating glass can incorperate reflective glass, laminated glass, ceramic frit glass and other glass types which gives good asethetic effects