Company introduction

Qingdao Haisen Glass Co.,Ltd is one of the Chinese leading independent mirror and deep process glass manufacturers, founded in 2006. We have been in rapid expansion since foundation, Now we have 2 advanced horizontal mirror lines ,1 laminated glass line ,1 tempered line ,4 cut tables and 5 grinding machines .Nearly ninety percent of our mirrors are exported to North America, Latin America, East Europe, Middle East, South Asia, etc.

Qingdao Haisen Glass is ideally located in Qingdao Development Zone, where Qingdao Float Glass Co., Ltd and Qingdao Saint-Gobain Glass Co., Ltd are located. We have built good relationship with the two esteemed glass producer, which supply most of the high quality float glass for mirror production. Our factory is only 8 Kilometers away from Qingdao Port, which guarantees fast shipment.

At Haisen Glass, strict quality management system is executed. Industry standard is applied at every stage of mirror production, like sourcing of materials, production, inspection, package, transportation. Good quality and excellent customer service win us a good reputation in home and abroad glass mirror industry.

Our products include aluminium mirror, silver mirror,safety mirror CAT-I&II, laminated glass and tempered glass,we also export clear and tinted pattern glass, clear and tinted float glass, reflective glass, etc.

At Qingdao Haisen Glass, the entire team is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality glass products and excellent customer services at competitive prices.